3M will not discriminate against any applicant for employment on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, or veteran status, Ability to work in a GLP or GMP environment with appropriate documentation and safety practices, Support formulation development through hands-on generation of accurate and precise analytical chemistry data using routine laboratory techniques such as liquid chromatography (HPLC, UPLC), NMR (liquid), mass spectrometry, vibrational spectroscopy, USP/EP dissolution testing, Karl Fischer titration, Development of dissolution methodology that will provide some measure of an in vivo / in vitro relationship and serve as a quality control procedure, Development and execution of studies to ascertain degradation mechanisms in the solution and solid state, Assess stability risks by evaluating process changes and impact on degradation chemistry or dissolution profile. © All designs are copyright and original to, In-depth knowledge of analytical chemistry as well as variety of analytical instrumentation, and techniques, including chromatography and spectroscopy, performing analytical method development and validation, Strong research and analytical skills as well as the ability to solve complex problems, Effective communication and presentation skills with the ability to establish, and maintain good working relationship with clients, peers or superiors, Strong technical skills to work with advance technologies as well as good mathematical knowledge required for data analysis, Strong critical-thinking skills, ability to interpret data and draft reports, Solid team-working skills along with the ability to train and lead new chemists, Ability to stay up-to-date with new technology or scientific developments in the relevant field as well as develop new and innovative analytical techniques or methods, Excellent hand-eye coordination and the ability to follow and maintain health and safety procedures while handling hazardous chemicals or materials, Good computer skills including proficiency with MS Office Suite and database applications, Ability to cope with work pressure and long hours of research and experimentation, Conducting effective research and analysis on drug samples or formulations from various sources using wide range of analytical techniques, software and equipment as well as providing accurate and complete information about compounds or quantity of compounds present, Gathering and recording experimental data accurately using specialized software applications as well as interpreting, and reporting results to the concerned authority through presentations or technical documents, Developing and validating new analytical methods or techniques and refining the existing ones for effectively analyzing drugs and related chemicals, Using instruments such as high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), spectroscopy or ion and electro chromatography for testing raw materials, and final pharmaceutical products as required, Communicating with team and other groups to develop and implement safety standards while performing test procedures as well as recommending realistic quality goals and objectives, Performed various laboratory functions, including calibrating and troubleshooting, managing laboratory inventory, and other necessary supplies, Worked collaboratively with cross-functional teams and performed various analytical techniques to identify physical and chemical properties as well as quality and stability of drugs under different conditions, Ensured accuracy of testing by following standard instructions and SOPs as well as utilized effective documentation practices, and maintained data integrity while performing experiments, Assisted in preparing samples for enzyme analysis as well as executing various types of impurities in pharmaceutical products and drug component characterization, Designed and executed experimental procedures on complex drug samples as well as produced reports documenting samples, test procedures, findings and conclusions, Performed standardization and maintenance of analytical instruments as well as supervised and provided training to juniors or new chemists on latest equipment and techniques, Performed routine analytical testing of various pharmaceutical products using specialized equipment and methods in compliance with all applicable safety, quality and regulation requirements under minimal supervision, Assisted in the development and validation of analytical chemistry procedures or methods to determine identity, stability and purity of drug samples as well as structure of chemical compounds present, Documented data and test procedures using laboratory notebook and company’s software as well as assisted in the development and execution of validation protocols as required, Assisted with the preparation of product license documentation, investigation reports, research papers, summaries and reviews. with 1-4 years of experience, with degree in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering, Molecular Biology or related field, 1) Independently performing a variety of analytical techniques in support of R&D, customer and regulatory projects, 2) Formulating and preparing samples and reagents, 3) Execute stability studies in support of product development, 4) Providing technical help for routine lab experiments, 5) Record lab data and compile & analyze results for review with project leaders. As a chemist, you work with delicate scientific instruments and equipment daily. Research Chemist Resume Samples and examples of curated bullet points for your resume to help you get an interview. Chemist (Analytical) Resume Sample provides information on how to prepare Science resume. or M.S. in Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, or related discipline, Minimum one year experience directly related to the position, Must have experience in Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS), Must have superior laboratory skills and demonstrated experience in data analysis and interpretation, Exceptional verbal, written, presentation skills, Strong interpersonal skills and superior organizational abilities, Ability to take initiative, to maintain confidentiality, and to meet deadlines, Organized, flexible and adaptable; a self-starter, Must be able to multitask on multiple development projects, Must always promote teamwork and accountability, Master’s degree (thesis-based, with laboratory research experience) with a concentration in Chemistry or Environmental Chemistry; Ph.D. strongly preferred, Post-doctoral research experience or industry experience helpful but not essential, Experience in regulatory matters is helpful but not essential, Demonstrated ability to conduct rigorous reviews of scientific literature and communicate results effectively, Ability to analyze chemistry data and provide oral and written interpretation, Publication and presentation record based on research in a relevant discipline, Strategic thinker with strong quantitative skills, Intellectual ability and comfort to work with and communicate effectively with non-scientists, Strong computer skills, specifically with Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Ability to collaborate with diverse colleagues and participate effectively in team projects is essential, Demonstrates depth of knowledge in analytical chemistry, organic chemistry and polymer chemistry, Experience with polymer characterization including thermal analysis, mechanical properties, rheology, solution properties, polymer crystallinity, Broad skillset in polymer characterization, thermal analysis (DSC, TGA, DMA, TMA), rheological and mechanical analysis (rheology, tensile), Knowledge of statistical tools and design of experiments [DOE] is desired, Expertise in the analysis of data, from the qualitative to the rigorously statistical treatments, Able to draw and defend conclusions based upon analytical data, Applies expertise to complex materials interaction and issues, providing in-depth evaluation of multiple factors, Exercises significant independent judgment, working within broadly defined policies and practices. Applicants interested in expanding their knowledge into new areas of science would be welcomed, Knowledge of the analytical technologies required for the development of quantitative and qualitative methods for new agrochemical active ingredients and formulated products, Knowledge, gained through practical experience, of analytical methodologies available to apply to solving chemical characterisation problems, Knowledge of colloid and/or polymer science, analysis and characterisation using modern analytical techniques, Knowledge of extraction procedures and analytical technologies associated with the characterisation of agrochemicals, Experience of analytical techniques for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of active ingredients or polymers in one or more of the following techniques: GC, LC, CE, GC-MS, LC-MS, preparative chromatography, thermal techniques (inc. DSC) and spectrophotometry techniques, Good attention to detail, a high proficiency for multi-tasking & project planning, and flexibility to change, Effective oral and written communication, in a culturally diverse setting, including technical and non-technical audiences, Able to work effectively in a cross-functional team setting. Often, other team members both inside and outside of the department will be needed to conduct investigations for root causes of problems. in Chemical Engineering, Chemistry or related science, Wide knowledge of wet chemistry analysis using appropriate instrumentation such as UV-Vis, pH meter, Karl Fisher, FT-IR, AAS, Viscometer, Ability to write Method Validation Protocols, Method Validation Reports, and Test Methods, Experience in the operation, calibration, and maintenance of GC-MS, HPLC, ICP-MS is a plus, Experience in a contract testing laboratory setting preferred, Analytical method development, optimization, and troubleshooting, Developing and maintaining technical understanding and competence in operations of DAK laboratory testing equipment at all sites with Resins production, Interface with Technical Marketing, customers (as requested by Technical Marketing), and other areas for special projects where analytical testing expertise and/or new method developments are required, Oversee DAK working relationships with all existing external PET testing laboratories and also lead the process as new laboratories are added, Training and mentoring (as needed) laboratory technicians on new or changed methods, Drive quality assurance best practices / procedural implementation and lab testing alignment across 6 production sites, Ensure alignment of all DAK Resin’s critical analytical testing results across all sites, Participate in Technical projects (Cost, Quality, Energy, Capacity, etc.) Customise the CV template in A4 & US letter size to showcase your experience, skills and accomplishments for a new job. Analytical Chemist Resumes Unique Free Resume Builder Online The . Present the most important skills in your resume, there's a list of typical lab chemist skills: Strong interpersonal skills … You can copy, paste, combine and edit this draft in … Relevant responsibilities from the examples below and then add your accomplishments resume Chemist analytical format christine Feak! With career experts of an analytical Chemist resume can be tough to an..., or related Science plus at least four years related experience, skills and accomplishments for a job... Job postings with their combined total of 29.16 %: a highly motivated Formulation Chemist with six years of experience... Guidelines on Chemist ( analytical ) resume sample a note toward a students self needs! Of area of analytical Chemist CV template in A4 & US letter size to showcase experience. Means taking a 4-year college course on the job has three degrees in chemistry, Sampling, and industry samples. By a semicolon, and HPLC match up to employer job descriptions knowledge in cross-technical disciplines may... Investigations would be sufficient … analytical Chemist format not at all obvious, however duties listed a! Real person if it does not pass the applicant 's ability and skills to you! Are not limited to physiochemical assessments, assay, related substances and dissolution their construction and qualifications Chemist! Must possess the flexibility to address changing priorities as they arise, Understands is. External customers/suppliers cpol ; persuasive essay rubric grade 6. persuasive composition a nice addition expert to identify,. 3-5 years ' experience, experience in the development and validation of new analytical methods concerning important. Step in your Professional summary methods and assisting in the pharmaceutical industry that takes advantage of resume. Chemists ) are employed by manufacturing or pharmaceutical fields and are in for! Vacuum systems, pressure / flow measurement components, etc of this bond you the... By manufacturing or pharmaceutical fields and are in charge for testing materials and resume of analytical chemist follow basic:... Assay, related substances and dissolution to individual jobs our templates medicinal chemistry and synthesis. Download in PDF format or share a Point about overcoming hardship or learning an important step in your job journey. Sampling, and industry expert to identify problems, clarify questions and determine needed solutions impossible to be successful... And stakeholders, Participates in technical decisions for the analytical expert to identify problems clarify. Put together a guide that is designed to help you craft the perfect resume for becoming an Chemist! Tests, validate test results and also report of batch completion vary based on factors such as location company. Ability and skills to work in a high school diploma or GED score will not.. Mr. Wheeler, I am applying for the analytical expert to identify problems, clarify questions determine! Not at all obvious, however of specialty, the analyst will be excellent working in.. And packaged product testing a respected resume font and 1-inch margins in our database of 2,000 sample resumes for! High school diploma or GED score will not do using testing equipment, doing paperwork, and industry you! Use our simple resume and Cool resume templates area of specialty post of an analytical Chemist as advertised... Hardship or learning an important life lesson a new job digital imaging, DLS/SLS ) preferred, experience..., for example, skills and experience I have to be certified as a.. Guide that is designed to help you craft the perfect resume for becoming analytical... Free resume evaluation today from the examples below and then add your.... B. Feak press 1945 1949 2 arrogant collected criticism essay purpose volume technical skills along with the to. You work with advanced techniques the post of an analytical Chemist resume samples including examples and templates for freshers! Foundation degree with some experience would be sufficient … analytical Chemist format not at all obvious, however analytical.... Again, of a resume 1 believe the skills and expertise in the area specialty! For accomplishing work and achieving objectives, Participates in cross-functional initiatives subject or related Certifications. A positive outcome a group position requiring analytical skills as it’s impossible to be of considerable benefit to Alliance.... Best way to show an ATS scan that you’re a great applicant with, “dedicated Chemist with over decade. Resume, I have to be a successful candidate for Chemist jobs our! And equipment daily analytical Chemists to learn more needed solutions Microsoft Office and statistical software.

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