Airbnb's Most Unique Properties Worldwide. International Living named Ecuador its No. Road conditions aside, there are going to be some cultural differences when it comes to how people drive. end = cookie.length; Travelers safely explore the Galapagos, the Amazon, and the Avenue of the Volcanoes every year, and naturally it’s in your guides’ best interest to make sure you have a safe, enjoyable time. Do your own research. I was also in Montañita for the majority of my trip as I had friends there, but definitely be careful in this area. Maybe that's why he's in love with the Andes, where you'll find him in the local cafés, ordering the almuerzo del día, with absolutely no cilantro. Eating locally is definitely a good way to keep a budget. We are out walking at least twice a day, we shop at the local mercados, we use taxis and public buses on a regular basis, and we have also rented cars and set out exploring on our own. This is a good way to get tips on where to go next, what to see, and where to eat. Live in Ecuador. Is it similar to Brazil or worse? While it’s definitely not a cheap place, staying on the Galapagos Islands is incredibly safe. Don’t be surprised if you get overtaken by a bus or lorry, especially when driving on the Pan-American Highway. You’ll be free to walk around these areas, even at night, and will clearly see where the police protection ends. You would have to live on a tight budget, rent a 250$/month apartment, have no car and no money left for any kind of treat. We value your privacy.